Electronic Arts

Art Direction and design of early Electronic Arts video game packaging (1980s).

American Park Network magazines

I designed dozens of these magazines for APN (1990-1991)...usually all at once My desk was surrounded by boxes of photos and slides. This was at the dawn of digital desktop publishing. Using QuarkXPress (v1!), I started with the design of the cover, the TOC and a sample spread to submit to the client for approval. Upon approval, I sketched every page of the magazine on tracing paper indicating every photo and type specs and then passed it on to my production person, Corrine Mah, who built the Quark template and flowed in the real text. At this point in time, QuarkXPress was really only used for typesetting and we still created mechanical paste-ups; scanning and placing photos was still done by the prepress department of the printers.

Electronics Journal

Art Direction and design of monthly journal for Avant! (late 1990s).

S2 - Silicon Strategies magazine

Art Direction and design of monthly magazine (late 1990s).

Magazines and more.....

I designed many magazines in the early-mid 1990s.....also included here are some other miscellaneous projects.